Why is Plaster Conservation Important?

Across America, there are literally thousands of historic buildings with ornate plaster ceilings of enormous cultural and aesthetic value.


Over time, these ceilings inevitably deteriorate and ultimately fail due to the simple laws of gravity.

Now a Permanent Solution

JTI, based in New Jersey, in conjunction with Canadian-based Historic Plaster Conservation Services (HPCS), offers a unique and proprietary restoration and conservation system that strengthens original plaster in place and preserves extraordinary works of art for decades to come.


It is the only system in the marketplace that works. The competition uses mechanical fasteners and spot injections that provide only a temporary, localized fix.


Our system offers a permanent and elegant solution.

What Can We Do?

Sadly, until recent years, many historic plaster ceilings have been taken down or plastered over, resulting in the irretrievable loss of original pieces of timeless art.

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