HPCS Patented Plaster Jacking System

HPCS and JTI have invented and developed special TOOLS and METHODS for the conservation of plaster in historic buildings.


The HPCS Micro-Jack System replaces all manner of jerry-rigged “deadman” props and other makeshift Temporary support systems with one that allows full access to the targeted surface during treatment.


As a result, the HPCS approach does not mar the surface with holes

for temporary screws and washers. Instead, it allows the lifting and

re-alignment of damaged plaster as each specific condition requires.

JTI Telescopic Lifts

JTI Historic Restoration has developed unique, 110 foot telescopic lifts that are compact and lightweight enough to access high ceilings in historic buildings.


This equipment allows us to sound-test, secure and repair damaged and loose plaster without the use of scaffolding. Combined with HPCS’ system, we can avoid disruption of building use.

Patented Adhesives for Plaster Conservation

Many Contractors are aware of the unique non-shrink benefits of formulas for re-attaching loose plaster that were developed by Morgan Phillips when he worked at the National Park Service. Few actually use them because they are messy and difficult to mix.

Rod Stewart has also developed the Plaster Conservation Polymer Applicator, and innovative spraying system for previously inaccessible attics, joist cavities and the backside of walls. This enables us to consolidate plaster in areas that other contractors and conservators cannot directly access. Most importantly, the result is the highest level of consolidation with the lowest level of intervention and surface disruption.

Now for the first time HPCS and JTI offer the Classic non-shrink Morgan Phillips Formula in a convenient patented Mix and Use 30oz cartridge.

Both products are available

in ULTRA-FINE versions

for syringe injection.

HPCS Plaster Lug and Key Replacement NON-SHRINK Adhesive is the GOLD STANDARD of plaster adhesives. Economical and reliable for most plaster applications.

HPCS Pneumatic Pulse Controller

HPCS Plaster Conservation Polymer Applicator

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